Airport Employee Fired for Saving Dog’s Life

Associated Press:

RENO, Nevada (AP) — Airport baggage handler Lynn Jones saw the sad look on the listless, emaciated dog sitting in a pet carrier and knew something was wrong. Then she saw that its body was covered with sores and its paws were worn raw.

“It was so thin, it made me cry,” she said.

If that dog gets on that plane, she remembered thinking, it would certainly die. And when she refused a supervisor’s orders to load it onto the Texas-bound flight, she was fired.

Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones *Courtesy Reno Gazette-Journal, Marilyn Newton

This story is an outrage, not only just because a helpless dog was neglected and almost left for dead, but because the employer, Airport Terminal Services Inc., clearly violated the law when their supervisor refused to get care for the dog and tried to board the dog on a plane in such a serious medical condition. Fortunately, baggage handler Lynn Jones intervened at the cost of her job.

Washoe County Ordinance 55.140 – Cruelty to Animals:

It is unlawful for any person to overdrive, overload, torture or cruelly beat, or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, poison, or kill any animal whether belonging to himself or to another, or deprive any animal of necessary sustenance, food, drink or shelter, or willfully instigate, engage in, or in any way further an act of cruelty to any animal, or any act to produce such cruelty.

The law could not be any more clear. When anyone sees a helpless dog in such a condition they are bound by the law to act. Lynn Jones did more than just a mere act of compassion, she did her civic duty in upholding the law. It would also seem that Jones’ supervisor clearly violated the law.

On the “we have all had that nightmare boss angle”, this is one of those stories that makes one wonder of you have to be cruel and foolish in the extreme to even get considered for a supervisor position. contacted Washoe County Animal Control and they said that they have heard about the case but could provide no further details and we are waiting for a call back. We also contacted the Washoe County District Attorney’s office for comment and our call was the first that they had heard about the story, but they are checking to see if they were contacted earlier and we are waiting on a call back for further comment.

[Editor’s Note – Considering that this story is on the front page of Yahoo News and judging by the Google results it is going viral, we were surprised to discover that we were the first to call the District Attorney’s office (AP we beat you to it again), but we are certain that we will not be the last. I am confident that Lynn Jones’ heroism will be featured on Fox & Friends, Megyn Kelly and other news programs as the story develops.  I know we are going to be asked so let me make it clear that the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office was not only interested in the story, they were pleasant and very cooperative. Often times  government employees are “stand offish” with reporters, especially reporters with a smaller audience, not in this case.

Of course we are as eager to learn and report the status of the rescued dog, the owner who apparently left him in such a condition, the apparent unlawful actions of the Airport Terminal Services supervisor, and the status of Lynn Jones who deserves so much credit for acting in the best interests of the dog and the law.]


More from the AP:

A statement posted on the company’s web site said officials were investigating, and that the company “commends this employee’s situational awareness and her desire to raise the concern on behalf of the canine.””ATS is reviewing the actions of all employees involved to determine if the appropriate action was taken,” it said.

Jones, 56, is no stranger to animals. She once owned a dog grooming shop and lives about 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of Reno with three dogs, three cats and a bird — all rescued from shelters over the years.

“I wanted to adopt this dog,” she said.

When she was working in the cargo area several weeks ago, she saw the pet carrier and the dog.

When she told her supervisor about it, she said, he insisted she load the pointer bound for Corpus Christi, Texas, because its paperwork was in order and its condition was none of her concern.

“I kept telling my supervisor, ‘That dog is going to die if it gets on that plane,'” Jones said.

“He didn’t even really look at the dog,” she said. “He just kept saying: ‘The dog is going, the dog is going.’ And I kept saying, ‘It is not.’ And we went back and forth, ‘Yes it is, no it isn’t, yes it is.'”

“I was hysterical and crying and yelling because the plane was going to leave and I was afraid the dog was going to be on it. I kept saying, ‘Please, please, the dog is going to die,'” she said.

Airport police phoned the animal welfare agency, which took custody of the dog.

The dog, apparently owned by a hunter who has it shipped to places he hunts, was shipped back to Texas after being nursed back to health, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal, which first reported the incident on Monday.

“It just breaks my heart to think that dog has been sent back to that owner. It’s disgusting. It makes me ill,” she told The Associated Press. “I can’t fathom why they would send it back to someone who obviously was abusing the dog.”

Jones said that Monday was the first day her ex-employer had contacted her.

“They wanted to hear my side, finally,” she said. “They said, ‘I abandoned my job,’ but I didn’t. He told me to go home. I was a very good employee. I was there early every day. I would not have abandoned my job.’

Jones said she doesn’t know if she would accept an offer to return to her job.

“I would have to really think about it,” she said.



Assistant DA John Helzor explained to PoliticalArena that a quirk in the state animal cruelty law that was designed to protect whistle blowers prevents him from offering more details. The Reno Journal Gazette has an editorial calling for the law to be revisited by the legislature (apparently the Reno paper contacted the DA’s office before we did, but the staffers we spoke to earlier were unaware of it).  The Assistant DA was gracious and apologetic about not being able to release mall of the details.

Assistant DA Helzor did tell PoliticalArena that a case has not been submitted by Washoe County Animal Control as of yet and he is waiting to see if Terry Shae from the civil division, which has oversight of Washoe County Animal Control, submits a felony or misdemeanor case on the matter for him to prosecute. All indicators are that Animal Control is investigating, but until a case is submitted and charges filed further details might not be available.

Russian youth: Stalin good, migrants must go

Communist propaganda combined with scapegoating. It is so typical and exactly the same tactics used by every tyrant in world history, but perfected by Nazi Germany [Note: Usually it is wise to avoid Nazi comparisons, but in this case it is warranted as the historical parallels are almost exact].

Scapegoating is used by tyrants who blame a group of people they see as expendable for the problems often created by the failures of those very leaders.

Flashback May 2007:

(Reuters) – Russia’s youths admire Soviet dictator Josef Stalin — who presided over the deaths of millions of people — and want to kick immigrants out of Russia, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The poll, carried out by the Yuri Levada Centre, was presented by two U.S. academics who called it “The Putin Generation: the political views of Russia’s youth”.

When asked if Stalin was a wise leader, half of the 1,802 respondents, aged from 16 to 19, agreed he was.

“Fifty-four percent agreed that Stalin did more good than bad,” said Theodore Gerber, a sociologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Forty-six percent disagreed with the statement that Stalin was a cruel tyrant.”

Stalin, who took over from Vladimir Lenin, built a system of terror and repression in which tens millions of people died or were killed. He died in 1953.

“What we find troubling is that there is a substantial proportion of young people in Russia today who hold positive or ambivalent views on Stalin and his legacy,” Gerber said.

“We think it would probably be more appropriate if there was more condemnation of the Stalin era.”

The poll showed 17 percent of the young people disagreed that Stalin was responsible for the imprisonment, torture and execution of millions of innocent people, while 40 percent thought his role in the repression had been exaggerated.

The majority of respondents thought the collapse of the Soviet Union was a tragedy and two thirds thought that America was a rival and enemy. Only a fifth viewed Iran as a potential rival or enemy.

Most young people also wanted immigrants kicked out of Russia: 62 percent said they agreed with the statement that the Russian government should evict most immigrants.

But 64 percent agreed with the idea that immigrants should be allowed to have Russian citizenship if they abided with Russian laws and customs.

The poll showed the biggest concern for the youth was the problem of drugs, followed by unemployment, poverty, corruption, education, crime, HIV/AIDS and ecology.

It’s official, Egypt is a disaster.

This is one of those cases where I am unhappy to report that I was quite correct and so were several others about what removing Mubarak would mean for the United States, Israel and the Middle-East.

Barack Obama has managed to pull off the greatest foreign policy disaster since President Carter helped the Mullah’s come to power in Iran. Mubarak was far from perfect, but he helped keep arms out of Gaza, maintained the peace with Israel, and prevented civil war between the Coptic Christians and the hard-core Islamists.

Egypt made it clear within hours after Mubarak was removed that the peace treaty with Israel is no more and Egypt is now allowing arms to move into Gaza. The military is even using armored vehicles against the Coptic Christians in Egypt and women are being subjected to forced virginity tests.

The results of the Egyptian election is in. Anyone who says that the hardcore Islamists are just a tiny fraction of Muslims is lying to themselves and to you as these election results demonstrate.

USA Today:

Muslim Brotherhood top winner in Egypt

Parties that want an expansion of Islamic law captured a clear majority of the votes in Egypt’s first election since the uprising that ousted longtime authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak, according to results released Sunday.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party topped winners with 37% of the nearly 10 million valid ballots cast for party lists in the first of three electoral rounds for the Egyptian parliament.

The Brotherhood, a movement that seeks to expand Islamic law in many countries in the Middle East, prevailed in an election that included voters in Cairo and Alexandria, cities where liberal parties had hoped to exhibit their greatest strength.

Also winning big was the Nour Party, which took 24% of the vote. The party, dominated by the ultraconservative Salafis, did not exist until a few months ago. It seeks to impose strict Islamic law similar to Saudi Arabia in which women must be veiled and alcohol banned.



The Muslim Brotherhood is the grandfather of Al-Qaeda and they are involved in raising money for jihadists here in the United States.  The motto for the Muslim Brotherhood is:

‘Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Make no mistake, the Muslim Brotherhood, who won 37% of the vote, is a very patient and a very slick with the propaganda version of Al-Qaeda. The Muslim Brotherhood has seduced the progressive secular left, the State Department, and some naive neocons such as Bill Kristol along with several RNC luminaries (who are friends of mine and will go un-named). The Nour Party, which is essentially Egypt’s version of the Taliban, won 24% of the vote; meaning that 61% of the country voted for Sharia Law, war with Israel, brutal oppression for women and minorities, and martyrdom in the cause of Jihad.

Here is Bill Kristol in February 2011, recent history has proved him, and the many who believed just as he did, how fantastically wrong they have been. Fortunately Liz Cheney was not fooled for a minute:

Glenn Beck was right, so was Niall Ferguson, and so was this very writer.

One can examine the degree of just how far the denial went, much of it in order to protect President Obama, please examine this video from last February when one of the greatest historians alive explained to MSNBC just how  strategically flawed the Obama policy in Egypt was. After Prof. Ferguson crushed the point of view of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, they went right back to “the operation looked like it went well to me”: