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Donald Trump Smacks Around “F” Chuck Todd and Karl Rove

Notice how “F” Chuck Todd tries to sneak in some rather bogus political narratives? This is one reason why MSNBC has such poor ratings. People are smart enough to see the semantic games and bogus narratives introduced as a matter … Continue reading

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Rules for the Facebook Wall!

A retired professor friend of mine, who is sick and tired of the mindless emotionalism of others passing as arguments, created a set of rules for his Facebook wall for those who follow and comment. RULES OF MY WALL 1) Friends may … Continue reading

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Study: Under Obamacare, Employers Will Likely Engage in ‘Targeted Dumping’ of Employees

This is no surprise. In 2009 I was said repeatedly on my old college blog that ObamaCare was designed to blow up the system by driving prices and taxes up, by creating an impossible regulatory environment, and by a series of “incentives” … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent: I prefer dead offenders over repeat offenders

Agree with the rock legend or not, this man has a way with words that is very persuasive.

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