Where Disney She-Hulk Got It Right and Where They Blew It

Let’s start with where Disney She-Hulk blew it. 

She-Hulk, like so many stories written by militant feminists, did not really care for the original material or the story, they wanted to preach. 

I don’t tune into a super hero show to get preached to by people who know the source material less than I do. Do you? 

The main character, like all militant feminist films, has no story arc. She starts out as the “bestest evar” and ends that way. Not content enough to make a “strong female lead,” they disrespect the male legacy character as a plot device to elevate the militant feminist, just was was done with Rey/Luke Skywalker and Natalie Portman Thor/Thor Odinson. Well excuse us for saying so but Natalie Portman is a skilled veteran actress who does not need to have anyone humiliated as a plot device to make her performance look good.

Look how Thor has been diminished from the original to now. 

In one of the most cringe worthy scenes Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk lectures her cousin Bruce Banner/Hulk how she has to control her anger better and “infinitely more” than him because she has had to deal with cat calls and incompetent men trying to tell her about her how to be a lawyer. 

Well lets see if we miss anything: 

The Hulk saved the universe from Thanos. In Marvel the entire universe owes him a debt that can never come close to being repaid, that includes the life of Jennifer Walters who behaves like an ingrate.

Bruce Banner has lost the only two women he ever loved, was hunted like a dog all over the world by General Ross forcing him to hide in squalor for years. Even though Hulk never harmed any innocents out of intent, his rage has resulted in innocents being injured and killed. He has to live with that on his conscience every day. He is being hunted by an immortal being called The GrandMaster. Until he learned to deal with “The Hulk” persona permanently had had to keep his cool all the times or people may very well die.

Jennifer Walters lectures Bruce about being cat called. How many innocents has she harmed by accident?  Speaking of “mansplaining” she has been a hulk for five minutes and she is going to lecture him on what that means?

Comic book She-Hulk has a level of compassion and sensitivity, as can be seen in the comic strip above, that makes her truly special and loved by the audience. Disney She-Hulk displays a lack of compassion that goes a small step beyond “sit com cruelty.” 

And you wonder why parents will not take their kids to see this nonsense.

Where She-Hulk gets it right.

The writers have made She-Hulk into a sit-com. In that they did a fair job. It has many cute moments. Tatiana Maslany was a solid casting choice and her performance, in spite of issues with the writing, is very good. Maslany’s personal acting skill and charisma might be enough to carry the series in spite of itself. Only time will tell.


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