Another Whistleblower: FBI Targeting Conservatives, Republicans, Veterans, Revolutionary War Buffs, as Violent Domestic Terrorists

A whistleblower at the FBI leaked this “confidential” guide to violent extremism. You will find many of the symbols familiar as they often appear on state license plates, on mugs and hats sold in gas stations all over Texas, references to the Alamo all over San Antonio, and imagery often used by U.S. Special Forces, Revolutionary War re-enactors etc. 

While we are not familiar with every symbol listed, The Punisher Skull is routinely worn by Navy SEAL’s when they are hunting ISIS or Al-Qaeda terrorists. Here is one of the most famous Navy SEAL’s of all time Chris Kyle: 

Famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Here is an image from the hit movie about Chris Kyle “American Sniper”

The Spartan Helmet badge is often worn by Army Rangers:

You can find this mug, or one much like it, or hat, T-shirt, flag, bumper sticker, etc in pretty much every gas station and convenience store in the state:

Needless to say Senator Ted Cruz is not happy. This is a must see:

The FBI says with a “disclaimer” that they know that the overwhelming majority of people who like/use/wear these symbols are not domestic terrorists, but if they really meant that it defeats the purpose of producing such a guide in the first place as Liz Wheeler so eloquently points out:

Page two of this document is also troubling. 
Notice where it says that violent domestic extremists consider Vicki Weaver and Ashli Babbitt to be martyrs. It is worth pointing out that both of these women were unarmed and gunned down by federal agents. 

Vicki Weaver was holding her baby and was a threat to no one when she was executed by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. The State of Idaho tried to prosecute Horiuchi so I guess they are violent domestic terrorists. The jury in the Weaver trial must also be domestic terrorists because they acquitted and when the surviving Wavers sued the FBI for the wrongful deaths of their family members the FBI settled for millions of dollars. 

Domestic terrorists all apparently.

When an unarmed black man is killed by police do the FBI label the protestors “domestic terrorists?” In the cases where some of these protests escalated to genuine violent riots the FBI still did not deem or charge anyone from BLM to be domestic terrorists even though the riots resulted in billions of property damage and up to 30 people killed. Most rioters had their charges dropped.

The lies from the FBI are an insult to the intelligence of the common citizen. 

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