Bill Mahar, Dave Rubin, Tucker Carlson, Colion Noir, Kristi Noem, Kari Lake: On Most Every Issue Democrats Who Have Been Given an Inch Have Taken a Mile. America Pushes Back.

On abortion Democrats went from “safe legal and rare” to late term abortions up to the moment of birth are preferred so Planned Parenthood can sell the body parts to favoring abortion up to months after child birth.

It is just not on this issue, Democrats have gone crazy pushing the sexualization of very young children, to blaming citizens who own guns for the crimes of repeat criminals who they keep letting out of jail or just not prosecuting. 

Democrats push overt race hate in school with CRT and then trying to lie their way out of it, When that failed they sent the FBI after parents who objected. Covid lockdowns that didn’t work, mask mandates that didn’t work, but those in favor with the Democrats got a pass.

In New York, the court previously let the state pick who can get concealed carry permits, so Democrats made it so those who donate and are in the “club” can carry a gun and no one else can legally, while at the same time they are not prosecuting gun crimes my hardened felons. Of course that violated not just the Second Amendment, but the 14th which guarantees equal justice under the law.

This latest Supreme Court ruling stripped New York’s ability to pick and choose thus allowing all legal citizens to carry a gun except in “sensitive areas” as prescribed by state law such as court houses. Now Democrats in New York are drafting legislation to declare virtually everywhere a sensitive area. This will prompt the Supreme Court to strip that away from New York as well. It is just a matter of time.

The content below shows the unhinged over reach Democrats have engaged in that has America and the courts pushing back.

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