Supreme Court Unanimous: Gun “Red Flag” Seizure Unconstitutional

Not only are so called gun red flag laws unconstitutional on their face, as they require you to prove your innocence and if you cannot afford a lawyer you are out of luck, their application is often malicious. 

Contested divorces often ended up resulting on one or both partners calling the police on each other to get their guns confiscated for spite. Democrats prosecutors using them to target Republicans and more. 

The Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous 9-0 decision in CANIGLIA v. STROM that “red flag” style seizure of a citizen’s guns were unconstitutional and that community caretaking laws do not apply to someone’s private home.. They violate multiple amendments to the Constitution as well as basic due process rights. 

Of course the Washington Post disagrees with the Supreme Court because they believe they know better… The corporate media lies so much now that most people do not pay them any mind.

Tucker Carlson has a great video explaining all this: 

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