Megyn Kelly, Jason Miller, Tucker Carlson calling out deceptive video edits and brazen lying by January 6th Committee

All while still claiming that Russia rigged the 2016 election and the Trump/Russia hoax, calling for violence against Supreme Court justices an claiming the Republican’s have rigged the upcoming  mid terms. See our previous piece on this HERE

Kash Patel was in the White House on January 6th. The “committee” does not want you to know this. You can see an extended interview with Kash Patel HERE. After watching you will understand why the “committee” did not want Patel testifying on live television. [Editor’s Note: If you do not subscribe to the Epoch Times, you should.] 

They even said that five police officers were killed on January 6th. The fact is that no officers does on January 6th  and none were killed by the protestors.

Congressman Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus, on Friday emphatically denied Cheney’s allegation made during a prime time Jan, 6 House committee hearing Thursday night.

“The notion that I ever sought a presidential pardon for myself, or other members of Congress, is an absolute shameless and soulless lie,”

Department of Defense Now Admits Biolabs in Ukraine After Lying for Months.

After denying the labs exist and lying about them for months, the Department of Defense has admitted that the labs are there….but now they are expecting us to believe a new story, including the guile of accusing other countries of spreading misinformation about them.

Their previous lies were not very good ones.

See out previous coverage of the evidence about the biolabs HERE.

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Senator Obama in Kiev, Ukraine being shown a tray of weaponized Anthrax. Source : Andrew Weber with the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (shown right). This is one of the biolabs corporate media, “fact-checkers” and the Biden Administration claimed do not exist.

Hunter Biden’s Biolab Firm Metabiota Linked to EcoHealth, World Economic Forum – Russia Claims it has 20.000 Biolab Documents

MORE: Hunter Biden’s Biolab Firm Metabiota Linked to EcoHealth, World Economic Forum – Russia Claims it has 20.000 Biolab Documents

Dems Pushing Violence and “Election Fornication” on Eve of January 6th Hearing

The Democrat leadership, after brazenly advocating violence against Supreme Court Justices, have blocked a proposed law to get them security. 

Some Democrats  still claim that the 2016 election was stolen by Russia, in spite of the fact that the Trump/Russia evidence was fabricated by the Clinton Campaign along with elements of the FBI/DoJ. Democrats now claim that Republicans are going to steal the midterm elections. All while they are pushing their phony January 6th narrative that almost no one believes.

In the mean time audits, indictments, new investigations and other evidence such as the new 2000 Mules documentary continue to pile on evidence that President Trump may be correct about the election problems in 2020. 

You cant make this stuff up. 

Tucker has the video.

Megyn Kelly calls out the January 6th Committee for more lies and deceptive edits: