Alabama SRO kills man who attacked the officer trying to enter school.

But Biden and the Democrats say that good guys with guns don’t do any good. Just don’t ask them to disarm their own armed security.

Meanwhile in Detroit….

Leading AZ Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Blasts Mike Pence for Caving on Border Enforcement (video)

Kari Lake: “A lot of people are disappointed in Mike Pence” for many reasons…

In the interest of full disclosure, while V.P. Pence and yours truly are not friends, this writer has known him since he was a local radio host in Indiana.  He is a very nice man, but that is also his problem. Pence has shown time and time again he has no stomach for conflict. He caved repeatedly to the corporate media/Democrat narrative when he was Conference Leader in the House, he caved on basic First Amendment freedoms and other areas when he was Indiana’s Governor and he has continued to cave when pressured. He is a great guy who is simply a disappointment. 

Biden Admin Holding Citizens Who Took Selfies on January 6th /w No Bail, Abusive Conditions, Solitary Confinement, No Trial.

And when you have lost moderates like Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams….

And of course they really want o distract form this….

Leftist Violence Escalating. 14 Pregnancy Centers Attacked. More…

UPDATE – Now 50 pregnancy centers and churches attacked – LINK.