Does Civilian Ownership/Carry of Legal Guns Affect Homicide Rates? Yes, But Not In Ways Many Would Anticipate

The United States is the gun capital of the world. Is it also the murder capital of the world? The recent Supreme Court ruling striking down restrictions on concealed carry prompted us to take a look.
According to the Rand Corporation, only 0.4% or 123 out of 27,900 gun control studies met minimum academic standards and many of the 123 were still flawed. In short academics on politically charged subjects produce politically motivated junk science in order to please peers and get grants. 

“Science” has been corrupted by money, bribes, kickbacks ands politics. The Pfizer documents released by the court show that they, as well as  government, knew that most of the claims about the properties and effectiveness of the COVID poke were false or exaggerated. Claims of catastrophic events of global warming alarmists have also repeatedly shown to be untrue, and leaked emails from top climate scientists show how they punished and smeared scientists who posted honest data sets and manipulated the peer review process to push an alarmist narrative. 

Bill Whittle, in this analysis below, takes the raw homicide statistics from organizations such as the United Nations and compares it to who and what places have the highest levels of civilian ownership of legal firearms.

The United States is the gun capital of the world. Is it also the murder capital of the world? What would happen if we eliminated the top few progressive cities ran by Democrats who have strict gun control and looked at the rest of gun packed America? How safe would it be? 

If “good guys with guns” just make things worse. Than why are there not mass shootings at gun shows? Why do politicians who insist you and your children have no guns to protect them, have armed guards protecting them and their families?

Why is the IRS stockpiling ammunition? 


“How does the dissent account for the fact that one of the mass shootings near the top of its list took place in Buffalo?

The New York law at issue in this case obviously did not stop that perpetrator.”