Tucker Carlson should recognize the difference between defensive weapons for Ukraine vs NATO strategic weapons (video)

Tucker Carlson is half right.

Tucker is not differentiating between defensive tactical weapons and strategic offensive weapons. That difference is very important. Defensive weapons including fighters with small tactical missiles are fine. Ukraine, bordering Russia or not, has every right and a moral obligation to defend itself.

We support defensive weapons for Ukraine and always have. There is an important difference between being defensively strong, as weakness invites trouble, and being proactive and a threat to the national security of a major nuclear power.

That said Ukraine being a member of NATO is a genuine threat to Russian national security and should not be allowed to happen. NATO membership often means offensive strategic weapon deployments.  

Democrats need to stop dangling the NATO cookie in front of Ukraine. It was a deliberate and stupid provocation and now Ukraine is paying the price. In our view, the provocation was so foolish that the provocation seems deliberate. We are being manipulated. Tulsi Gabbard agrees:

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