Corporate Media Taking Money, Dinners, and Trips from the Chinese Communist Party

You have heard the term “access media” well this goes well passed that. Universities such as Columbia crank out marxist graduates every year. Chinese spies are arrested at American research universities regularly. The Chinese Communist Party gets little to no resistance from American leftist corpomedia.

This video reminds us of what former KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov said, “You would think that we bribed American journalists with money or with women. No. People like Daniel Ellsburg, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings, they did not resist us.” 

The images below are from the FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) filings of a CCP controlled foundation designed to bring the view of the CCP to American media. The video above has details. 

From their 2009 FARA filing: 

From their 2011 Filing: 


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