Democrat’s using mandates, denial of medical privacy, other tactics to “Defund Police” by getting them to quit. Murders Skyrocketing (video)

And they just do not care about the consequences. The neo-marxist ideology uber alles.  If you live in one of these progressive marxist utopias get out before civil society completely breaks down. 

It gets worse. An illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet raped a woman on a subway while others watched. Democrats refused to deport him. 

They ask why did not one on the train stop it or call police? Aside from the fact that people do not expect police to show up, aside from the fact that they know illegal alien criminals will just be released to offend again, aside from the fact that they know these Soros backed prosecutors just won’t prosecute many crimes and on top of the fact that if someone intervened they would be called a vigilante and targeted by the left….

And speaking of the border, the Biden Administration has made a deliberate choice to allow tons of deadly fentanyl across the open southern border killing thousands of Americans each year, causing homelessness, filling hospitals. They just don’t care.

Human trafficking, girls being raped and kidnapped as they are left near the border alone. They just don’t care.

Governor Ron DeSantis blasts Democrat’s divisive idiocy:

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