Florida Rate Of COVID Infections Down 49%. Third Lowest In U.S. Texas Down 43%.

Via the New York Times. 

In recent trends the NYT reports that Florida is down 49%. Texas is down 43%

This is where it gets more interesting, of those with a vax rate of 69% or more here are the results: 

Vermont up 22%
Connecticut up 2%
Rhode Island down  7%
Maine down 22%
Massachusetts down 9%

But the elite media tells you that the problem is GOP governors in Texas and Florida. Of course since the Biden Administration has given illegal aliens a total exemption from testing and vaccinations border states have been disproportionately hit by an influx of COVID positive border crossers. The Biden administration has been letting 200,000 cross the border every month.

Florida has the highest concentrations of  the elderly thus COVID has disproportionately impacted there as well. 

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