Election Mega Post IX – The World Is Moving Trump’s Way – UPDATED!


Bad news. The PA House leadership has bailed on the resolution to reclaim electors.

The Dems lie and cheat and stay in lock step while once again the Republicans, in the PA House anyways, have degenerated into a circular firing squad. The only chance for Trump to take back PA is in the Supreme Court. He does have an excellent case so it just depends if five Justices are willing to do what is right.


Nevada Fraud Lawsuit Update LINK.

Nevada: Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria Hiding From Trump Lawsuit Subpoena Service – LINK

Michigan: Elections Observers Testify on the Massive Democrat Vote Fraud (VIDEO) – LINK

Michigan Hearings on Fraud – These are the tactics used by Democrats used before expelling GOP Poll watchers and workers altogether:

Arizona testimony on Ballot Fraud:


This is why Dems don’t want signature matching:


Craig the teacher posted several of the sworn affidavits on his web site – HERE

Pennsylvania Judge rules that the way the state conducted the mail in ballots is unconstitutional – This is now being escalated to the Supreme Court.

Testimony of fraud in front of the Pennsylvania Senate – Passes a resolution to reclaim state electors:

You can watch much of the the entire hearing HERE:

The PA Senate has acted, this is the PA House:

Dominion Voting Systems refuse to appear in front of the Pennsylvania House:

Updating the software has another name – Destroying the evidence:

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