Election Steal Mega Post IV – The Pushback Begins!

On Monday the court battles will begin in earnest. The Democrats have been very sloppy in their brazenness. It seems they figured they had nothing to lose. They were going to lose anyways, so why not just got for it at all costs? Keep in mind that the media portrayed Al Gore as President for 37 days before the Supreme Court stopped his attempt to steal Florida.

Be sure to examine our three previous election fraud mega posts:

Trump is suing: Republican vote observers illegally kicked out in five Democrat controlled swing states.

Pennsylvania Dems in violation of court order to allow observers access to counting.

Dems Violate Supreme Court Order. Software “Glitch” Could Have Switched Hundreds of Thousands of Votes to Biden. The Dead Vote. Election Fraud Mega Post III.

UPDATE on Mega Post III that focused on the Software that was used in Michigan to flip Republican votes to Dem votes and they got caught:


We will start with a little common sense commentary from Tariq:



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6 Responses to Election Steal Mega Post IV – The Pushback Begins!

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