GoFundMe funds Antifa militants but deletes fundraisers for their victims

Or if you buck the leftist narrative they ban you as well. It is well passed time to declare BLM/ANTIFA to be a terrorist organization and prosecute their monetary supporters such as GoFundMe.

The Post Millenial has a great post on this with many examples:

GoFundMe is a crowdsourcing platform that many people often use to get help paying for medical and legal expenses, but the administrators of the site don’t let just anyone use it. The rules are different for radical leftists than they are for conservatives.

When supporters of alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse launched a GoFundMe to help with his legal defense fees, the site admins took the campaign down and refunded the donations. It appears that GoFundMe does not think Rittenhouse is deserving of a defence, but that Antifa militants are.

The site told The Washington Times that the campaigns for Rittenhouse violated their terms of service. The site’s terms of use prohibit “activity that GoFundMe may deem in its sole discretion to be unacceptable.”

While it deemed a defense of Rittenhouse as unacceptable, and touts itself as “The most trusted free online fundraiser platform,” GoFundMe has no problem hosting crowdfunders for rioters who brought Molotov cocktails to riots.

In June, a crowdfunder for legal fees was launched for Zachary Alexander Karas of San Diego. Karas was charged by the Department of Justice with “possessing incendiary devices known as Molotov cocktails at a protest that began on May 30th in La Mesa.”

The charges filed by the DOJ stated that Karas, along with his girlfriend Kali Braj Jonkuet, were engaging in a protest in La Mesa. Fires had been set, and property damaged, when officers instructed the crowd to disperse. Karas did not comply with the order.

It was after he was arrested and officers found two molotov cocktails in his possession, as well as fireworks. An ATF special agent inspected the glass bottles, containing gasoline and a wick, and “found them to be functioning incendiary devices.”

GoFundMe had no problem hosting the campaign for Karas, and donated $150 to the campaign themselves. Karas and his molotov cocktails “touched” The GoFundMe Team, as reported by AntifaWatch.us.

GoFundMe allowed crowdfunding campaigns in support of violent Portland rioters, as well. They were not concerned about promoting violence and property destruction.

Continue reading HERE.

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