Herman Cain – A Great and Wise Man Goes to Heaven


What terrible loss this is for our country.

Herman Cain was a wise, gifted and outwardly positive man. He was the CEO of Godfathers Pizza, a favorite dinner restaurant chain that I had many fond memories of when I was growing up.

He took his positive, common sense message to the world when he ran for President and afterward started a radio show which blossomed into a media machine.

As is so typical, the Democrats hated him and his message of individual responsibility and upward mobility. They smeared him with baseless allegations and of course the elite media piled on as they saw his pro-America message as a threat to their marxist agenda. In the end Cain stood tall as he was simply too well respected on his own merits for any honest person to believe the smears.

Another great warrior goes to Heaven. Thank you Herman Cain for your example.

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