Democrats’ flavor of socialism has a history of failure and oppression.

A great many so called Democratic Socialist experiments became totalitarian very quickly, Venezuela, Mao, Hitler, Il Duce etc were either elected or had a great deal of popular support.

Scandinavian countries have large social programs to be sure, but they do not have heavy burdens on business, no eat the rich attitude or divisive identity politics. Their social view is a nationalistic unitarian view. Their programs are supported by a very regressive VAT tax.

The Democratic Party talks a good game when it comes to “democracy” but they are divisive and demonize people in order to gain power. One might say that they are cultural marxists or “identity socialists” as they demonize certain groups and favor others. Hitler did the same.

The truth is that as a matter of history, minority groups have never done well in in these promised socialist utopias.

Dinesh D’Souza:

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