The Surveillance State, Militarized Policing, ‘Karens’, Civil Society and the Coming Dystopia

While we don’t agree withe very point in this video, it presents a valuable perspective from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

To be candid, we agree with much of what FEE says here, but they show some partisan stripes by bringing up Bush and Trump but not the massive expansion of the surveillance state under Obama. Indeed, Obama was engaged in massive illegal domestic spying. Obama also oversaw the ramped up militarization of police under the DoD 1033 program. Also, speaking of Orwellian, it was the Obama Administration who gave guns to Mexican Drug Cartels in order to use the resulting chaos as an excuse to clamp down on American citizens freedoms. He also fails to mention which party took the Carona Virus lock-downs way too far. In showing a partisan bent FEE undermines the credibility of their perspective.

That said, we still encourage readers to watch the video.

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