CBS Admits: Star Trek Picard Series Designed to Tear Down “White Privileged” Picard

When I attended college yours truly took several media studies classes including film studies. I had a Marxist professor who used these classes to push Soviet/Marxist propaganda.

One of the lessons provided “taught” us that the classic show The Lone Ranger with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels was capitalist propaganda designed to promote racism and the “patriarchy”.

The proof? The Lone Ranger had a white horse and that race traitor Jay Silverheels had a painted horse. Since bother heroes were men that in turn oppressed women.

I am not kidding.lone ranger and tonto

This is what millions of children in college are being taught as the only “academic truth”.

Yours truly laughed out loud, opened mocked the professor in class and explained to the class that to compete with her conspiracy theory that Clayton Moore was a racist and Jay Silverheels was a race traitor I had a conspiracy theory of my own:

Television back in those days was black and white and only 380 lines of resolution at best. With all the action happening on such a blurry screen they were concerned that kids would not be able to tell the difference between the L:one Ranger and Tonto from the bad guys, so they gave the Ranger a white Horse, Tonto a Painted one and the bad guys dark horses. I then asked the class which theory seemed more plausible.

How effective has such film studies Marxist propaganda been? The writers of Star Trek Picard have admitted and written on Star Trek dot com that their goal with the Picard TV show was to humiliate Picard and tear him down. Why? Because Picard was a privileged white guy.

Cultural analyst Overlord DVD has a great video taking their admission what they did to Captain Picard to task. Don’t let Overlord’s over the top presentation fool you, the man is truly brilliant. I suspect he keeps his face covered because he is some kind of Hollywood somebody as his insider information almost always proves correct. Enjoy this great video:

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