Editorial: What this Election Means to America

By Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

iceberg-w-quoteIf you are reading this editorial you are likely one of the 43% of voters who bothers to look below the surface and not simply accept the narrative from the evening news and the local paper. You know that many  of the accusations levied against Donald J. Trump in the elite media are either greatly exaggerated or flat out false.

If you doubt that, have you noticed that not a single person that Donald Trump has worked with, not a single employee past or present, has a bad thing to say about him? Think about what a miraculous accomplishment that is. How many of us have had a bad boss and told people about it?

That said, I am confident that we can all agree that Trump has flaws and has led a flamboyant life. Donald Trump’s very public life is filled with hills and valleys.

Why is Donald Trump even running for President of the United States? He is 70 years old and has all the power and money in the world.

As years goes by, we are reminded of the passage of time, our own human mortality, and with that we are forced to come to terms with the presence of time. Then it happens. There comes a time in a mans life where the only thing that really matters to him is the world his grandchildren grow up in. Such a man, becomes very dangerous to a status quo that is failing America in a big way.

Think for a moment and ask yourself, since Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama and now Hillary – is there really that much policy difference between them? So in near lock step are they the Bush and Clinton Foundations have given each other awards banquets for good public service. We have trillions more in debt and what have we to show for it other than a donor class that has gotten very wealthy off of our federal money?

The evidence is abundant, for those willing to take the short time required to find it, that big money interests have captured the Democratic Party from stem to stern. They also have their claws deep into the Republican congressional leadership. This is why there is a civil war in the Republican Party as grass roots party leaders have declared war on the corrupt national leadership, which is funded in part by the same people who fund the Democrats.

So who is going to fix it? Jeb? John Kasich? And while Ted Cruz is a capable man, he cannot fight this battle in the culture like Donald Trump can.

Donald, as a civilian candidate, had his share of gaff’s until he got up to speed on policy and what it means to be “presidential” – but this is what presidential campaigns are for. The campaign is a trial and a maturing process. In our view, Donald has risen to the challenge.

This very writer has read Donald Trump’s  book long before he got into politics. To say that the guy is capable is perhaps the understatement of the century as “under budget and ahead of schedule” is pretty much the story of his life.

Trump literally owns hundreds of companies of which only a few have failed. Although at times he speaks a bit like a ruffian, his life accomplishments show him to be a genius with a flare for the highly creative. He truly understands leadership and how to get things done.

On policy we could author a book on how Trump is spot on about trade policy, common core, VA reform, a code of federal regulations that is 176,000 pages long, corporate inversions, and and insane tax code that puts domestic business at a terrible disadvantage That said, Hillary Clinton has no intention of taking on such problems. Her donors simply won’t have it.

Always remember that elections are less about the man, than they are about the policy which affects you and I on a day to day basis. If you have a nice living and have your nest egg, you can afford to vote for Hillary Clinton. If you are one of the 95 million Americans not in the work force you need a change and you need it with the fierce urgency of now.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet the evidence, not simply conjecture or wishful thinking, but evidence, is quite literally at your fingertips, that the Clinton’s are a criminal enterprise who are not fit to serve.

Several concerns about the Clinton’s are worth mentioning one last time. As Secretary of State she signed off on giving uranium to the Russians after they gave her foundation money. In fact Hillary signed off on weapons deals for 18 countries, but only after they donated to the Clinton Foundation….and in turn, the Clinton Foundation pays the Clinton’s hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech at events.

The weapons deals include a million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation from Qatar, who her own State Department criticized as a serial human rights abuser. How much blood will be spilled as a result of all of these weapons deals? The very thought of it is simply horrifying.

Ask yourself aloud, how it is that the Clinton’s became $131,000,000 richer in a single term as Secretary of State?

Democrat pundits on television will tell you “the email thing is BS.” Quite the contrary it is deadly serious and here is why.

In spite of the fact that we are literally talking about hundreds of thousands of violations of the Federal Records Act. We are also talking about, with her mishandling of classified material, at hundreds of violations of the Espionage Act.

Hillary Clinton revealed classified to above Top Secret places, persons and methodology in her emails and it is likely that a CIA asset in Iran was executed as a result.

Press reports tell us that her illegal private server was hacked at least five times. That could mean that foreign countries have blackmail material on the possible next President of these United States.

Lastly, as a result of her own leaked campaign emails, it was revealed that CNN somehow provided debate questions to Hillary in advance during her primary battle with Bernie Sanders. Let that be the last straw that closes the book on the Clinton political legacy.

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