Trolling, Flogging & Disinformation: Clinton Campaign Doc Gives Instructions to Army of Social Media Trolls

Most people have no idea that politicians, PR firms and corporations pay people to troll the internet. To counter comment those who speak the truth, to put out lies and disinformation, or to post vulgarities in comments to fatigue people into no longer commenting. There is software allowing a single person top control a thousand fake social media accounts. Wikipedia and WebMD are controlled by PR firms as their “official editors” have been caught taking money under the table many times.

Eventually this gave rise to companies who try to undo this damage and we see their commercials of TV. They will try to counter bad publicity about you by generating new publicity that will be optimized by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so when people search they will see the good news you paid for right on top.

Here we have a document which instructs the campaign’s social media staff to spam Reddit conversation groups with “trolling, flogging, and disinformation”:


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