Miss USA 2005: Trump has been my mentor for 11 years. Blasts phony Trump accusers.


Chelsea Cooley Miss USA 2005

Donald Trump is surrounded by and mentors women like Chelsea Cooley pictured above every day. Trump has deep pockets and as yet has never been sued for sexual harassment or accused of anything until three weeks before a presidential election.

We are just going to say it. Are we to believe a People Magazine reporter whose story is falling apart, that claims that Donald chased her around the furniture on his one year anniversary with the magnificent Melania? Being impolitic but brutally honest because truth matters, the reporter from People Magazine is straight up homely.

Cooley tells the UK Daily Mail:

[Editor’s Note – Notice that Cooley had to talk to the UK newspapers as the New York Times, AP and the American TV Networks won’t speak with her…]

  • Chelsea Cooley competed in Donald Trump’s Miss Universe competition in 2005, after being crowned Miss USA in the same year
  • She says she will always be grateful to Trump for the kindness he showed her, adding that he has become her business mentor in recent years
  • Cooley questions the credibility of women who have rocked Trump’s political campaign with sexual assault allegations
  • Cooley, who herself was sexually assaulted by a restaurant manager when she was just 16,  also questions the timing of the alleged victims’ claims 
  • Cooley, who has known Trump for 11 years, claims that she never once saw him act inappropriately



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