Why Mourdock Must Win the Indiana Senate Race.

Friends, do not let the “selective editing” media hit job on Richard Mourdock succeed. Mourdock never said that he approved of rape or anything close to it. What is happening to Mourdock is a selective editing job much like the Democrats did in Florida. Click the link below to see:


If you want Obamacare fixed/repealed it will not happen unless Mourdock is in the Senate. Unless the GOP controls the Senate the Democrats have already said that they will block everything.

We have been covering the ObamaCare law in detail here at Political Arena. If you want to get down to the details and the nitty-gritty of how ObamaCare is designed to price both insurance and care out of the hands of most private individuals a good place to start is at the Health Insurance Tips Blog. Please see their post HERE.

Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton:

I was just notified that if I want to keep my current health insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield my premiums will go up by a factor of 12.27. So much for being able to keep my current insurance.

I have a special needs child. If any readers have wondered why this web site has been so outspoken about Obamacare it is because everything that we have warned about it has the virtue of being true.

Repeal ObamaCare.



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I write about politics, education, economics, morality and philosophy.
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