Number of TSA Agents fired for theft…

Via Greg Davis:

If you travel by commercial air, you might be interested in these stats.

Nothing quite compares to government employees with badges and guns who rip you off while you are your most vulnerable.

Top airports across USA for TSA employees fired for theft:

1. Miami International Airport (29)

2. JFK International Airport (27)

3. Los Angeles International Airport (24)

4. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (17)

5. Las Vegas-McCarren International Airport (15)

6+7. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and New York-Laguardia Airport (14 each)

8,9+10. Newark Liberty, Philadelphia International, and Seattle-Tacoma International airports (12 each)

11. Orlando International Airport (11)

12+13. Houston-George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport (10 each)

14. Washington Dulles International Airport (9)

15+16. Detroit Metro Airport and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (7)

17+18+19. Boston-Logan International, Denver International and San Diego International airports (6)

20. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (5)


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