Mark Levin with Megyn Kelly: Obama thinks the Constitution is just another statute to play with (video)

Megyn Kelly and Mark Levin are both lawyers. Mark Levin is a former justice department staffer for the Reagan Administration and has argued in front of the Supreme Court multiple times. Levin is also the author of the best selling book on the Supreme Court in history.

Lou Dobbs: 28,300 public schools already have armed guards (video)

It was Bill Clinton who first pushed the idea.

Lou Dobbs and the NRA President talking about how to protect children and how to get those adjudicated to be mentally unstable inserted into the National Instant Check (NICS) for back ground checks:

“Anti-Gun” group finds that prominent anti-gunners are armed…. (video)

Our friends at Project Veritas have hit another home run with this report. They invented a group called “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” and went to the homes of known “gun owner hating” journalists to ask them to put a sign in their front yard to proclaim the property as a “gun free zone”.

No problem right? After all if it is really about guns and crime and safety than they should have no problems getting the signs up, but in each and every case, said anti-gunner had an armed security guard, an armed policeman, was armed themselves, or otherwise was simply unwilling to post the sign in their yard.

Of course gun control has nothing to do with crime and has everything to do with politics.

UPDATE – Greg Gutfeld on armed “anti-gun” journalists: More guns = dumber writing (video) – LINK

Judge Pirro Blasts “Journal-News” for outing legal gun owners. Editors in hiding… (video)

Ironic that the editors of the local newspaper who say that all guns are bad, have now gone into hiding, aren’t answering questions, and have hired armed guards to protect themselves.

UPDATE “Anti-Gun” group finds that prominent anti-gunners are armed (video) – LINK

UPDATE II Greg Gutfeld on armed “anti-gun” journalists: More guns = dumber writing (video) – LINK

This is what modern journalism has devolved to, and as far as we know, not a single “journalist” has resigned from the paper in the name of journalistic ethics.

The list is already being used by criminals to target homes on the list. Lawsuits will likely be filed. The Journal-news will try to hide behind the First Amendment, but that might not be successful as demonstrating that the Journal-News acted maliciously will be pretty easy in light of the editorial board’s members already previous public comments. Women who are armed to protect themselves from stalkers as well as some celebs have been endangered by this list.

In synergy with the Journal-News, bloggers such as Christopher Fountain have posted the address’ of Journal-News’ editors along with an interactive map of where they live.

Notre Dame Prof: Silent Minority Aids America’s Destruction

And she is right. With the leadership of the GOP seeming to be all over the place, and an RNC that isn’t leading a rhetorical, philosophical, or policy battle; traditionalists, conservatives and those simply wanting some fiscal and regulatory sanity feel like people without a party, and for some they feel like aliens on their own country, but in reality such people are the majority.

[Note: The staff of Political Arena resides in South Bend, Indiana, the home of the University of Notre Dame, although we have no affiliation with the university.]

Ryan Lovelace at The College Fix:

When Laura Hollis, a Notre Dame University business and law professor, looks at America’s path forward, she cannot help but see a dead end.

“Many people say to me, ‘If it gets worse than this, I’m not sure we can survive it,’ and I’m inclined to agree with them,” Hollis said in an interview with The College Fix. “It’s never been as bad as it is now.”

Hollis, who in addition to her professorship is a popular conservative columnist and political commentator, is the author of a post-election column titled “Post Mortem” that went viral across America. It was reposted on many websites, spread like wildfire across social media sites, and emailed far and wide, landing in mom-and-pop inboxes across the nation.

In fact, just as recently as Dec. 28, the popular left-leaning political blog Daily Kos posted an “open letter to Laura Hollis” denouncing her piece.

This ongoing whirlwind of a world wide web debate was prompted by Hollis’ Nov. 8 column, which analyzed the state of the union the day after President Barack Obama was re-elected.

It argued, among other things, that: conservatives are outnumbered; they’re losing the culture war; too many Americans are immature, seeking only self-gratification; and the so-called Republican War on Women played a role in the election outcome.

“America is on a horrific bender; has been for some time now,” Hollis wrote. “The warning signs of our fiscal profligacy and culture of lack of personal responsibility are everywhere – too many to mention. We need only look at other countries which have gone the route we are walking now to see what is in store. … I see the country I love headed toward its own ‘rock bottom,’ and I cannot seem to reach those who are taking it there.”

In an interview this week with The College Fix, Hollis said feedback she’s received from that piece has led her to believe millions of Americans feel as if they have no voice. But the answer, she argued, is not to cower in the corner and give up.

“Speak up,” Hollis said. “Because being polite does not mean being silent.”

First and foremost, the culture war must to be addressed, she said. It’s time to stop worrying about stepping on people’s toes or hurting people’s feelings, she said.

Some Republican and conservative commentators argued after the election the solution to regain the White House, Congress and the country is to become more moderate, acquiesce to the social norms promulgated by the Left.

Bad idea, Hollis said.

“We have to decide we need to change the tone and tenor of culture in the country,” Hollis said. “In order to change the culture, you have to be a part of the culture.”

Take, for example, the alleged War on Women. During the presidential campaign, women’s rights discussions served as a façade for something more sinister, she said. What appeared to be a discourse about access to birth control was really about expanding abortion services and physician-assisted suicide, Hollis said.

“I’m pro-better choice—all choices are not equal,” Hollis said. “If my father is suffering from advanced dementia, I don’t have the right to smother him with a pillow.”

Hollis said advances in science have provided new and startling information about life from conception through natural death that every American should learn. This is one example of the kinds of things that could help turn the culture war tide in conservatives’ favor.

Hollis said “the left” has become politically adept at demonizing people, but it is important for all Americans to understand everyone wants to make things better, she said.

While Hollis’ first point in her “Post-Mortem” work declared Americans who champion free enterprise are outnumbered by those who want free stuff, she said that did not mean throw in the towel.

“No matter where you are, that can be ground-zero for changing things,” Hollis said.