“Anti-Gun” group finds that prominent anti-gunners are armed…. (video)

Our friends at Project Veritas have hit another home run with this report. They invented a group called “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” and went to the homes of known “gun owner hating” journalists to ask them to put a sign in their front yard to proclaim the property as a “gun free zone”.

No problem right? After all if it is really about guns and crime and safety than they should have no problems getting the signs up, but in each and every case, said anti-gunner had an armed security guard, an armed policeman, was armed themselves, or otherwise was simply unwilling to post the sign in their yard.

Of course gun control has nothing to do with crime and has everything to do with politics.

UPDATE – Greg Gutfeld on armed “anti-gun” journalists: More guns = dumber writing (video) – LINK

About Chuck Norton

I write about politics, education, economics, morality and philosophy.
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