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Mark Levin with Megyn Kelly: Obama thinks the Constitution is just another statute to play with (video)

Megyn Kelly and Mark Levin are both lawyers. Mark Levin is a former justice department staffer for the Reagan Administration and has argued in front of the Supreme Court multiple times. Levin is also the author of the best selling … Continue reading

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Sandra “Three Times a Day” Fluke turns out to be a radical pro-abortion activist….

UPDATE – Sandra Fluke: Catholic Institutions Should Pay for My Sex Change – LINK Sandra Fluke says that as a law student she is poor that a Catholic University or an insurance company should be forced to give her birth … Continue reading

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Mark Levin Teams Up With Reagan Admin’s Jeffrey Lord In Defense Of Newt Gingrich

Note both Mark Levin and Jeffery Lord worked in the Ronald Reagan Administration. This video is a MUST see.  Mini-UPDATE – Chuck DeVore: Very disappointed in Elliott Abrams’ unjust smear of Newt Gingrich, claiming that he was somehow opposed to … Continue reading

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