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Kirsten Powers: Obama does not want to be asked tough questions; avoids reporters who will…(video)

This is how you behave when you believe that you are unaccountable the people.

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Tucker Carlson rails against “Quislings and Losers” in the Media (video)

In the interest of full disclosure Tucker is a friend, but like him or not, this editor is very proud of Tucker’s defense of some GENUINE tough journalism. Most beltway reporters toss their journalistic ethics and standards out the window … Continue reading

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Allen West: Why are colleges hotbeds of anti-Semitism? (video)

This is a big problem at our college campuses.  It is a problem I have had to deal with as an activist against racism on campus when I went to Indiana University. I have even had to tell a couple … Continue reading

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Study: 500 Errors in 28 public school textbooks, pro-Islamic bias (video)

This comes as no surprise to readers of Political Arena. We have been cataloging just a residue of this in our Academic Misconduct and School Indoctrination categories. Local textbooks from South Bend public schools are filled with errors as well, … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham destroys Eric Holder (video)

Senator Lindsey Graham is a strange fellow. At times he is capable of inspiring moments of clarity where he really does “get it” and at other times he is not on Planet Earth. This is one of the better moments. … Continue reading

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Justice Scalia: The M-16 (AR-15) is the textbook example of a weapon protected by the Second Amendment

by Chuck Norton Tonight I heard a leftist anti-self defense activist say that military style arms have no place in the hands of civilians, and in the very next sentence say that banning military style arms is totally consistent with … Continue reading

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NRA: Obama & DC Elites Believe You are Peons to be Ruled Over (video)

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CNN & NBC blackball rape victims who were disarmed by “Gun Free Zones” (video)

Democrats Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar got women’s attention when he essentially told them that they are too stupid to know when they are being raped and who is raping them, which is why women cannot be trusted with guns. … Continue reading

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