Why the Obamacare insurance mandate WON’T help those with pre-existing conditions (video)

The way the Obamacare health insurance mandate is structured is unsustainable. It creates what is called an “adverse selection spiral” (death spiral); meaning that if people act for their own best interests within the Obamacare structure, the more it weakens the system. Insurance companies are already getting out of health insurance because of this and countless employers are already dropping health insurance coverage for employees. Health insurance premiums have already gone up by $2,500 dollars a year, I was just notified that my premium went up to $267.00 a month.

This system will crash and it won’t take long. What will people who need insurance do then? What will those with preexisting conditions do then?

We need a new solution to the preexisting condition problem. Obamacare makes the problem worse, not better.

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