Neil Cavuto blasts Larry O’Donnell and MSNBC for trashing Ann Romney’s MS treatment (video)

UPDATE – Liberal talker Bill Press piles on Ann Romney as well – VIDEO LINK

MSNBC says that horse back riding as a treatment for MS does not appear in any medical journal and that it is just an excuse to use the horse as a tax deduction because the Romney’s are evil rich (see the MSNBC video HERE).

Of course there is one problem with their coverage; what they said is dead wrong any one who even bothers to internet search can find multiple medical journals and web sites that say it is true, including THIS LINK from the National Institute of Health.

In fact, the same day that MSNBC trashed Ann Romney for using the horse riding treatment their sister network NBC aired a piece on the Today Show about the benefits of horse back riding for MS patients including Ozzy Osborne’s son (see the NBC video HERE).

After NBC has been caught editing video to make fake news AGAIN now we have this.

Neil Cavuto, who also suffers from MS, had enough:

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