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Lindsey Graham destroys Eric Holder (video)

Senator Lindsey Graham is a strange fellow. At times he is capable of inspiring moments of clarity where he really does “get it” and at other times he is not on Planet Earth. This is one of the better moments. … Continue reading

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Judy Garland: Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas! (video)

Part of engaging the culture, is bringing culture to the young. Most people under age 35 might have no idea that this lovely Judy Garland was a household name known all over the world. After you hear her sing you … Continue reading

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Wait, I Didn’t Vote For That When I Voted for Obama! …Uh, Yes You Did (video)

Jim Quinn:

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Jimmy Stewart, screen legend and war hero, reads a poem about his dog named Beau (video)

Jimmy Stewart, a hero in every sense of the word, presents a poem he wrote about his dog. This clip is from his appearance on the Johnny Carson Show in 1981. Jimmy Stewart appeared in 80 films and won every … Continue reading

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Libs on Twitter call Justice Thomas “N-Word” After Ruling; Call Sarah Palin Slut and Attack Her Kids

Since none of this is safe for work I will just provide links – HERE and HERE.

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Neil Cavuto blasts Larry O’Donnell and MSNBC for trashing Ann Romney’s MS treatment (video)

UPDATE – Liberal talker Bill Press piles on Ann Romney as well – VIDEO LINK MSNBC says that horse back riding as a treatment for MS does not appear in any medical journal and that it is just an excuse … Continue reading

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Legendary Kate Smith Introduces God Bless America in 1938 /w a Special Appearance of President Reagan! (video)

Warning! I f you are the kind of far left pinhead who screeches ”Xenophobe!” at the slightest display of national pride, this video will make blood shoot right from your eyes. It is Memorial Day and we pay tribute to the fallen. … Continue reading

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