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Obama’s EPA Power Grab to Regulate Ditches and Gullies on Private Property

So this is why you voted for Obama? Human Events: Lawmakers are working to block an unprecedented power grab by the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Water Act (CWA) and control land alongside ditches, gullies and other ephemeral … Continue reading

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Obama’s FDA causing drug shortages

Washington Examiner: President Obama’s Food and Drug Administration has caused “a public health crisis” — a prescription drug shortage over the past two years — by increasing the number of threats issued to raid and close drug manufacturing plants, according … Continue reading

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Google: ‘alarming’ rise in censorship by governments

Guardian UK: There has been an alarming rise in the number of times governments attempted to censor the internet in last six months, according to a report from Google. Since the search engine last published its bi-annual transparency report, it … Continue reading

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Obama Administration: We will resist law enforcement in Arizona….

In an effort to punish Arizona for winning the core of the battle in the Supreme Court against the Obama Administration the administration is now going to punish Arizona, Chicago style. Washington Post: The Obama administration said Monday it is … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Blasts Obama for Misleading Statements

You read that headline correctly. Here are a few excerpts… Huffington Post: #6. “When Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts was No. 1 in state debt. $18 billion in debt. More debt per person than any other state in the country.” … Continue reading

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Why Roberts is full of it – UPDATED

[See updates below – Editor] Today Justice Roberts engaged in one of the most politically motivated acts of judicial activism in the history of the court. The Commerce Clause, whose “interpretation” expanded in 1942 as a result of a political … Continue reading

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Roberts Joins Leftists: The government has the power to force you to buy anything…

Critical UPDATE – ObamaCare Panel Targeting Women’s Health Screenings…Again – LINK Critical UPDATE – Megyn Kelly calls out Obama: Your lawyer called it a tax in court and now your campaign people are lying about it (video) – LINK Critical … Continue reading

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Juctice Scalia book: Landmark Supreme Court decision in 1942 expanded Commerce Clause “beyond all reason”

Since FDR’s court packing threat the Commerce Clause interpretation has gone off the deep end. Everyone who has studied law seriously knows that the “modern” expansionist view of the commerce clause started to become interpreted that way not because the … Continue reading

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How Obama and friends help bankrupt black homneowners

Read every last word of the text below. When I was in college finishing my latest degree I wrote a series of articles on the mortgage crisis (mid 2008). This is a good summary of this section of the scandal … Continue reading

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