Indiana AP Reporter Trolls for Negative Comments About Governor Daniels on Twitter

This is journalistic corruption on it’s face.

This editor and communications consultant has no tolerance for this type of nonsense.  I would advice all GOP communications directors to cut off Tom LoBianco immediately to all communication and invite him to no events whatsoever. While many elite media reporters are in the tank for the left, few are so nakedly open about it.

In fact, in a moment of weakness <GRIN> I sent him a few choice words on Twitter as well.

This is a great piece from Newsbusters and Tom Blumer deserves kudos for doing some great homework and tackling this in a light-hearted way.

Via Newsbusters:

Perhaps if LoBianco weren’t so obsessed with finding naysayers, he might have noticed this embarrassing sequence in the dispatch he co-authored with reporter Tom Coyne (note the repetition in the first and fourth paragraphs presented at the AP’s home site):

Okay, guys, we get it. There’s a “perception.” You and Margaret Ferguson seem to be the only ones who have it.

The loathsome LoBianco and Coyne burned an awful lot of bandwidth questioning Daniels’s supposed lack of academic credentials. Hmm — the three Democratic Party examples I’ll name predate the Twitter era, but I wonder if AP reporters tried as hard to get negative feedback about Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey when he became President of the New School in 2001, former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala when she took over at the University of Miami in Florida that same year, or former Senator David Boren when he got the CEO role at Oklahoma University in 1994?

Does anyone think there was similar skepticism about Boren’s, Shalala’s, or Kerrey’s academic cred? Don’t be silly. For Boren and Shalala (I was unable to find a Kerrey-related item quickly), the respective answers are: puff piece and puff piece.


Senator Mitch McConnell: The White House and the Left’s Campaign to Control Political Speech

This is just a few small excerpts from the speech which can be seen in it’s entirety HERE. Most people who are not engaged in such battles have no idea how almost universal the left’s contempt for free speech is from the Whit House all the way to college campuses and classrooms.

On campus the left moves to silence conservatives, libertarians, Christians and Jews every day. Many groups are set up to help put an end to such censorship such as the Student Press Law Center, The ACLJ, the Rutherford Institute, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the Alliance Defense Fund, Campus Watch, Campus Reform, Students for Academic Freedom etc. All of them have one thing in common; more cases and complaints than they have the resources to deal with.

Senator McConnell (excerpts):

You’ve all heard about the Idaho businessman who’s become a personal target of the President for speaking out on behalf of candidates and causes the President opposes. Shortly after being publicly singled out by the President’s campaign, people were digging through his divorce records, cable television hosts were going after him on air, and bloggers were harassing his kids.

Charles and David Koch have become household names, not for the tens of thousands of people they employ, not for their generosity to charity, and not for building up one of the most successful private corporations on the planet; but because of their forceful and unapologetic promotion and defense of capitalism.

In return for their decades of work, one of the President’s top aides exposed them to public scrutiny by insinuating that they’d done something shady on their taxes. And earlier this year, the President’s own campaign manager sent a mass email to the campaign’s supporters, notifying them of a Koch-backed event, presumably to incite just the kind of mob that showed up.

The results have been predictable. The Koch brothers, along with Koch employees, have had their lives threatened, received hundreds of obscenity-laced hate messages, and been harassed by left-wing groups. One e-mail carried a typical message. It read: “Choose your expiration date.”

If the President of the United States opposed these kinds of tactics, all he’d have to do is condemn them. Instead, he’s joined the effort.

President Obama has publicly accused the Kochs of being part of a, quote, “corporate takeover of our Democracy,” whatever that means. And not only did his campaign publish a list of eight private citizens it regards as enemies — an actual old-school enemies list — it recently doubled down on the effort when some began to call these thuggish tactics into question.

None of this should be surprising for a former community organizer who told a radio audience shortly before the 2010 mid-term election that Latino voters should vote with the idea of punishing their enemies and rewarding their friends. But all of it should be surprising to a former community organizer who happens to be President.

What’s more, the tactics I’m describing extend well beyond the campaign headquarters in Chicago. To an extent not seen since the Nixon administration, they extend deep into the administration itself.

News reports suggest that top White House officials have long participated in a weekly conference call with a left-wing organization in Washington whose stated purpose is to track conservative media voices, seize on potentially offensive content, and then use it to mount corporate intimidation campaigns aimed at driving these voices clear out of the public square.

Earlier this year, dozens of Tea Party-affiliated groups across the country learned what it was like to draw the attention of the speech police when they received a lengthy questionnaire from the IRS demanding attendance lists, meeting transcripts, and donor information. One of the group’s leaders described the situation this way: “[groups like ours] either drown … in unnecessary paper work … or you survive, and give them everything they want, only to be hung.”


Among others examples, Justice Thomas cites the case of a Los Angeles woman who was forced to resign from a job she’d held for 26 years managing a family-owned restaurant because protesters kept showing up at the restaurant shouting “shame on you” at customers. According to press reports, the police had to show up in riot gear one night just to quell the mob.

The woman’s supposed crime: writing a $100 check in support of California’s Prop 8.


Over at the White House, the President’s lawyers recently circulated a draft executive order that would have required anyone bidding for a government contract to disclose political donations, including those of affiliates and subsidiaries, officers and directors in excess of $5,000. The message of the order was clear: if you want a government contract, you better support our causes, or at least keep your mouth shut when it comes to the causes we oppose.


It should go without saying that the political Left has always faced an uphill climb in a country in which there are two self-identified conservatives for every self-identified liberal. America is not Western Europe. In order to succeed in this environment, liberals have generally resorted to one of the three tactics I’ve already identified: obscuring their true intent, pursuing through regulation and the courts what they can’t through legislation, or muzzling their critics.

Neil Cavuto blasts Larry O’Donnell and MSNBC for trashing Ann Romney’s MS treatment (video)

UPDATE – Liberal talker Bill Press piles on Ann Romney as well – VIDEO LINK

MSNBC says that horse back riding as a treatment for MS does not appear in any medical journal and that it is just an excuse to use the horse as a tax deduction because the Romney’s are evil rich (see the MSNBC video HERE).

Of course there is one problem with their coverage; what they said is dead wrong any one who even bothers to internet search can find multiple medical journals and web sites that say it is true, including THIS LINK from the National Institute of Health.

In fact, the same day that MSNBC trashed Ann Romney for using the horse riding treatment their sister network NBC aired a piece on the Today Show about the benefits of horse back riding for MS patients including Ozzy Osborne’s son (see the NBC video HERE).

After NBC has been caught editing video to make fake news AGAIN now we have this.

Neil Cavuto, who also suffers from MS, had enough:

Video proof that Obama, Holder and Napolitano knew about gun walking in 2009

Under the Bush Administration this program was called “Wide Receiver”, but in that program the guns were stopped at the border and the “straw man” gun runners were arrested. Under the Obama Administration the guns were allowed to go into Mexico so that the administration could say we needed new gun laws to stop it.

Hillary Clinton early on tried to make an issue out of American guns going to drug cartels, but when the media and others investigated only a small percentage of American guns were being smuggled to the cartels; the vast majority of guns that cartels use are from the Mexican military, Colombian FARC communist rebels, etc.

So, according to whistle blowers in the ATF and recovered documents the administration sought to make the issue about American guns and the result was over 200 Mexicans killed and an American border agent gunned down. gets credit for keeping this piece of video archived.