Vote Fraud in Maine Caucus

Have GOP officials in the state of Maine have stolen the Maine caucuses for Romney?

This is disturbing.

Via Political Arena contributor Warren Roche:

In Waldo County, Maine vote totals from 17 of the county’s 18 towns were reported by Maine state GOP officials as zero votes cast which is clearly not true. The one Waldo County town where results have been reported is the town of Belfast, Maine. The only reason why Belfast’s votes were counted was because someone from Belfast (see this video) checked on the state GOP’s website to see results and saw that ALL 18 towns in Waldo County, including Belfast, showed zero votes cast for anyone! The Belfast caucus counted their votes publicly and everyone in Belfast KNEW that Ron Paul had won Belfast with Romney coming in 3rd. When Belfast GOP officials checked with the state GOP they were told the report of zero votes was in error and would be corrected. When the person from the Belfast GOP asked what results the state GOP had for Belfast the state GOP representative read back vote totals which reported the opposite of the actual vote, showing Romney winning Belfast with Ron Paul coming in 3rd!

Two Maine counties, Washington and Hancock, postponed their caucuses due to weather. Those caucuses will be held this Saturday, February 18. Yet, according to the Maine GOP, Romney has already won Maine, albeit by only 194 votes.

Video via WXIX TV in Maine: 

Meanwhile, Waldo County Republicans have called for the censure of Maine State GOP Party Chairman Charlie Webster for his part in this fraud.

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