Obama Talking Point on Energy Policy Debunked.

This is a talking point we are going to see a great deal of in coming months. It is a slick talking point with high propaganda value because it utilizes the careful omission of key facts to paint a false picture. Ed has a lefty blog and over the years has attempted to spar with me a few times, but the outcome was always the same.

Ed Darrell (edarrell@sbcglobal.net) writes my old college blog

But here in December 2011, we find that drill rig counts are through the roof — about double the equal period of the Bush 8 years, and equal to the total Bush 8 years — domestic oil production has increased each of the three years of the Obama administration, in stark contrast to the previous 7 straight years of decline, and in February 2011 the U.S. became an oil exporting nation again.

Gas didn’t hit $4 a gallon, and is declining now.

Would you like to join the Obama campaign?

Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton responds:  

No we would not like to join, because we do not join liars. Domestic production in total is up because of permits approved under the Bush Administration. As Democrats always say, we should not drill for new oil because it takes five to ten years to get oil production going once it is approved.

Obama’s illegal offshore drilling ban has Gulf Oil production down by over 13%. He stopped the Canada pipeline project. He used a loophole in the EPA regs to shut down an oil field in Alaska causing Shell Oil to lose $5 billion. Obama is also yanking coal permits arbitrarily and is pushing to have power plants and refineries closed with regulatory catch 22’s.

Obama is also using some lizard as an excuse to shut down new oil finds in Texas.

Nice try Ed, but as usual, I am more informed and just plain more honest than you.

About Chuck Norton

I write about politics, education, economics, morality and philosophy.
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