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Elite media hit job on Herman Cain backfires – UPDATED

[Editor’s Note: Remember that Newsweek knew about Monica Lewinski and decided to try to kill the story so it was leaked to Matt Drudge. In the case of John Edwards many in the elite media knew about the affair, but … Continue reading

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British Report: Green sector costs more jobs than it creates

With Solyndra and half a dozen other solar panel boondoggles which seemed only to go into business to launder government money from the American people, to the business and pay off cronies who gave big donations to Obama before shutting down, to the money we are paying for … Continue reading

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Reminder: Last two winters the coldest back to back since the 70’s

We have already seen blizzards in October from the Northeast to Texas. World Climate Report from last March: Coldest Back-to-Back U.S. Winters in a Quarter Century As the curtain falls on the climatological winter (December-February) of 2010-11 in the U.S., … Continue reading

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