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Glenn Beck dismantles Colin Powell’s “political analysis”…

It should bother good citizens when those who are put up as our brightest leaders don’t “get” the lessons of history. Glenn Beck dismantles Colin Powell’s made up on the fly political analysis in the following video. I served under … Continue reading

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PJTV: Goodbye Barney Frank. Thanks for that Housing Crisis.

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The Thanksgiving White House Visitor Log Document Dump!

Michelle Malkin has the visitor’s log in it’s entirety HERE. It even seems to include some 60 visits from convicted felon Robert Creamer. How nice.

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The CBO Downgrades Obama’s $825 Bil Stimulus Bill

Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse. Remember what Newt Gingrich and Amity Schleas said about the CBO. Investors Business Daily: Recovery: After nearly all the stimulus money has been spent, the Congressional Budget Office now admits it cost … Continue reading

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Obama Talking Point on Energy Policy Debunked.

This is a talking point we are going to see a great deal of in coming months. It is a slick talking point with high propaganda value because it utilizes the careful omission of key facts to paint a false picture. Ed has a … Continue reading

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Amity Schlaes: How the CBO Works & How it is Easily Manipulated

[Originally posted on my old college blog in April 2010, Newt Gingrich says that the CBO is next to useless and needs to go. It would seem that he is correct – Editor] Amity Schlaes is perhaps the greatest living … Continue reading

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Trump Goes Nuclear on Obama: One Hell of an Inconsiderate Guy…

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Gen. William Shelton: Obama Administration pressured me to change testimony to favor donor

Welcome to yet another episode if Chicago style machine politics brought to DC by the Daley Machine Obama Administration. Lately we have seen one “Solyndra” after another. Fox News (video at the link): Gen. William Shelton, commander of the Air … Continue reading

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Occupy Movement Peaceful?

The elite media would have you believe that the TEA Party is a mob of violent racists in spite of the fact that not a single TEA Party activist has ever been arrested at an event. Yet look at the pro anarchist/Marxists occupy protesters and … Continue reading

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Allen West Piles Up Campaign Cash, So Florida GOP Tries to Gerrymander Him Out

There is a reason why the GOP is called “the stupid party”. Local GOP machines are often circular firing squads rife with clique’s and personality wars. Many of the best GOP candidates try to have nothing to do with their local machine. … Continue reading

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Medal of Honor Winner Sues Defense Contractor for Smears After He Objected to High-Tech Sales to Pakistan

Update: Company settles the lawsuit with Dakota Meyer – LINK Yahoo/ABC News: In September, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s most prestigious military award, to Sgt. Dakota Meyer, the marine who saved 36 of his comrades during … Continue reading

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Hank Paulsen, the Goldman Sachs Men, & Insider Information

I have said before that President Bush was ill-served by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen. This news about mass insider trading on government information by members of Congress and other officials detailed in Peter Schweitzer’s new book “Throw Them All Out” is merely the latest example … Continue reading

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