Another example of why polls of “Registered Voters” are meaningless

As we have posted many times, polling is too often used to make news. Most polls are a farce designed to manipulate the public, not reflect public opinion of those who matter, you know like people who actually vote.

Polls of  “registered voters” are useless because of “motor voter” and other legislation almost everyone is registered to vote, but most people don’t.  Polling adultism or registered voters is basically polling anyone who will answer the phone. The people who answer do not want to look like they are idiots, so they repeat to the pollster the BS they heard from CNN or on corporate news somewhere.

[For more details on poll manipulation we have a great piece on it HERE.] 

Polls of those who are likely to vote are very different from the previous polls and this sample from the LA Times shows the great contrast between the two. 

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