Glenn Beck’s Mind Blowing Review of Erased Civil Rights and Slavery History at CPAC! (video)

Glenn Beck has what is perhaps the greatest archive of founding and civil rights artifact and document collections in the world.

Were Democrat icons like Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger, FDR, Bernard Shaw and Charles Darwin overt and over the top racists?

Did you know that Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was subtitled “The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life“?

Did you know that the artist who made the schematics that were used to build our bombers was a Japanese Intern who said that she loved America even though the government has gone wrong?

Who were the “intellectuals” behind Hitler’s domestic policy agenda?

Who were the first black Members of Congress in the United States and why is that not taught in school?

Do you know the story of the slaver ship that landed at Plymouth Rock?

Did you know that the first court approved slave OWNER in the United States was a black man?

Did you know that there are more people enslaved today around the world than there were in the United States before the Civil War? So why aren’t we talking about that (China)?

What was the Battle of Wounded Knee really about?

Have shadow governments actually ran the United States when President’s were disabled? What political Party were they in?

How long have Marxists in our own government written about their plans to undermine the free economy and put most everything under the thumb of government bureaucrats?

Have you ever seen Thomas Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence?

Did you know that Jefferson’s first draft had an entire paragraph on the evils of slavery? Since The Declaration had to be unanimous before it was sent to King George did you know that only TWO states voted against Jefferson’s anti-slavery language?

Here is the Rumble video link with fewer ads:

Quote of the First Draft of the Declaration of Independence and voted for by 11 of the 13 colonies:

he has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating it’s most sacred rights of life & liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither. this piratical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel powers, is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain. determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought & sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce: and that this assemblage of horrors might want no fact of distinguished die, he is now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, & murdering the people upon whom he also obtruded them; thus paying off former crimes committed against the liberties of one people, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the lives of another.

Maricopa County Arizona Ballot Audit Results in Todays Senate Hearing – Meaningful Ballot Irregularities – UPDATE – Originals of Duplicate Ballots Missing!

UPDATE! Originals of duplicate ballots missing! 

Just who are these auditors and why did no Democrats even show up? 

Epoch Times:

“Meaningful Ballot Fraud” Confirmed in Fulton County Georgia (video)

This is why Democrats are fighting ballot audits tooth and nail. They are caught.

Rumble video link:

Internet Explodes After Tucker Airs HARD EVIDENCE of Voter Fraud in Fulton County (

Biden White House refuses to condemn communism in spite of massive human rights abuses in Cuba/China

Now why do you think that is? 

By the way if you have been watching CNN they are blaming Trump for the Cuban protests and state of human suffering in Cuba and as we all have seen CNN isn’t too keen on critiquing the CCP either. 

President Trump responds:


YouTube blocks Trump’s CPAC speech after filing ‘Big tech” lawsuit

Editor’s Note: the Study that YouTube says in “disinformation” has been widely reported and is on Yahoo News. Both YouTube and Yahoo News are owned by Google.

Other countries have had great success treating the CCP Virus with hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Ivermectin cocktails which can be sound with a simple internet search. India is suing the World Heath Organization (WHO) for spreading disinformation about Ivermectin treatment, mask wearing and the origins of the virus (to protect China); disinformation that cost many lives the Indian Bar Association argues.  

Just the News:

YouTube deleted the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) video featuring former President Trump announcing his class-action lawsuit against Big Tech, citing an alleged violation of its COVID-19 terms and conditions.

The ACU, which hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), received “a strike” on their account from YouTube on July 9, preventing them from uploading new content for a week. This includes ACU’s CPAC 2021 Part 2 in Dallas, Texas, and Trump’s CPAC speech scheduled for Sunday, the organization said in a statement.

In the deleted YouTube video of Trump’s announcement of a lawsuit against Big Tech, which includes Google, he also cited a medical study on hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic for COVID-19.

ACU said in an email the organization received from YouTube, the tech giant “cited ‘medical misinformation’ concerning COVID-19 as the reason for removing the America UnCanceled episode. YouTube did not specify any statements made in the video that allegedly violated their policies.”

“It is clear that YouTube censored CPAC because we stood with former President Donald Trump on his lawsuit against Big Tech,” ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp said in the statement. “This is yet another example of Big Tech censoring content with which they disagree in order to promote the political positions they favor.” ACU is a plaintiff in Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit.

Judicial Watch Sues FBI: Financial and travel records searches in search of January 6th travelers likely illegal

You have to have probably cause and/or a warrant first, and the searches have to be specific not blanketing al travelers.

Human Events:

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI for alleged abuse of financial privacy of people in the D.C. area before and after the Capitol riot on January 6. 

The organization is seeking records of communication between the Justice Department and several financial organizations, Just the News reports. 

The FBI refused to confirm or deny these documents exist, and after the FBI’s lack of response to an open records request in February, the group filed the lawsuit Tuesday. 

“We want the details on what looks to be unprecedented abuse of the financial privacy of countless innocent Americans by big banks and the FBI,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “The FBI’s stonewalling and non-denial denial of our request speak volumes.” 

Judicial Watch requests all records of communication between the FBI and financial institutions including Bank of America, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Discover, and American Express, just to name a few. 

No time frame was given for the FBI and Justice Department to respond to the request.

‘Utterly Unacceptable’: Judge Blasts DC Jail for Not Allowing Jan. 6th Capitol Defendant Access to Evidence

And as you read the article you discover that it is dozens and perhaps hundreds of defendants who have been denied basic due process which means it is no accident. These people, most of which just followed the crowd, many of whom are elderly, have been sitting in jail with no bail, in some cases in solitary confinement, with no due process, bail, or discovery as mandated by the constitution. 

Epoch Times:

A federal Washington D.C. judge faulted a district jail on Thursday for failing to provide evidence to a defendant who was arrested for allegedly being involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach and has been held there for months.

Jorden Mink, the defendant in the case, was indicted (pdf) on several federal charges, including destruction of government property and theft. Mink, who has pleaded not guilty, has been held in jail since January. Officials have alleged Mink used a baseball bat to smash windows at the Capitol and passed furniture through the smashed windows to the crowd outside.

“I can’t allow someone to sit in prison for this long without access to material,” Judge Randolph Moss said at a court hearing on Thursday, saying the delay in evidence was “utterly unacceptable” and “not consistent with due process.”

As more journalists are beginning to admit, the government is illegally withholding evidence because the worst offenders who were breaking windows and egging people on were actually working for the FBI…..which explains why when police saw a few people breaking windows at the Capitol they just walked away…and the FBI while very interested in people who just walked into the Capital, seem to have no interest in finding the people who did property damage.  

Former CIA Intel/Counterterrorism Officer: Anyone Who Believes Jan. 6 Was an ‘Insurrection’ is An Idiot

Buck Sexton previously served as a CIA officer in the Counterterrorism Center (CTC) and the Office of Iraq Analysis. He completed tours of duty as an intelligence officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other hotspots around the globe, and led intelligence briefings for senior U.S. officials including President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Sexton also served in the New York Police Department (NYPD) Intelligence Division working on counterterrorism and counter-radicalization issues.

buck sextonThe text and the audio are HERE with his analysis.

On January 6th the Capital Police let them in the building and most stayed in the ropes and thanks officer for their service. We know this because there were literally thousands of video recording devices form everyone’s phones who were there. Some of that video has been posted on this very site. 

The protestors were unarmed and the only one shot was an unarmed protestor Ashli Babbitt. Nothing was burned like ANTIFA/BLM is so famous for. Not much of an insurrection.

Megyn Kelly has had enough of the lies as well:

Emperor Palpatine Destroyed and Rewrote Jedi History Just as Marxist Critical Theorists/ANTIFA Do Today

Rewriting history. The ChiComs did it. The Soviets did it. Castro did it. Chavez did it. Communists in league with the Democratic Party are doing it today in classrooms with the bogus 1619 project, tearing down statues, comparing voter ID and signature verification to Jim Crow and people being lynched. 

Well Emperor Palpatine did it as well in great details as we have learned from some great Star Wars books which really ring a bell today. 

Famed lawyers Robert Barnes and Viva Frei: The NSA Spying on Tucker Carlson. Blast Blue Check Idiots for Politicizing It. (video)

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei and the even more famed master litigator (and bipartisan insider) Robert Barnes have a very enlightening take on this which is very much worth your time.

UPDATE – Former Head NSA Lawyer: Tucker Carlson’s Allegations Merit Further Investigation

Epoch Times

Updated: August 1, 2021

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) reported internal review of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s spying allegations suggests that the matter should be investigated further, according to a former NSA general counsel.

Citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter, The Record reported last week that the NSA’s internal review found that government officials had “unmasked” Carlson’s identity in classified documents—supporting some of the claims that the Fox News host has made against the agency.

UPDATE August 10, 2021 – Inspector General launches Investigation:

Tucker Carlson mocks ‘truly heroic’ dishonest Texas Democratic fugitives

If you oppose voter ID, signature verification and audits to ensure accuracy than you are for election cheating period.

The Democrat’s very idea that a black person is too stupid to get an ID or have a signature is racism straight up.

Remember these are the same people who used force, in violation of court orders, to illegally keep Republican vote count observers and attorney’s locked out.

Pete Hegseth takes apart one of these Democrats (James Talarico) who says that if you have to show an ID or you can’t vote at 2am in the morning it is the next worst thing since the Civil War. When pressed for details he shucks and dodges with word soup.