South Texas Police: Feds releasing COVID infected border crossers into communities.

Via CBS News DFW:

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The La Joya Police Department issued a public health announcement after an officer approached an undocumented migrant family at Whataburger who told him Border Patrol released them because they had COVID-19.

On July 26 the police department of the small town along the Rio Grande and Mexican border shared details of the incident. They said a concerned citizen at the restaurant waved down the officer. The citizen told him about the family “coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and not wearing face masks.”

Whataburger management also told the officer that they wanted the group to leave as well due to “their disregard to other people’s health.”

Mark Levin on American Marxism: Tell this to those unconvinced a Marxist revolution is happening (video)

This is a must see video. Mark Levin is a famed lawyer, writer and intellectual. Levin wrote the record selling book on the Supreme Court. 

Marxism always devolves into a form of involuntary servitude.

You can order American Marxism HERE

Former Leftist Girl Reacts to Lecture by KGB Disinformation Officer Yuri Bezmenov (video)

Everything Yuti Bezmenov warned about in 1984 is happening today. This is amazing and surreal to watch. The former leftist girl calls herself ‘Gothix’ and she is quite charming as you will see.

Below is the entire section from Yuri’s lecture on ideological subversion.  Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America:

For those who want to watch the entire 81 minute interview with Yuri Bezmenov complete with more explanation just follow this link HERE

AMAZING COINCIDENCE – “Dude” who attacked Tucker Carlson in Montana fishing store worked for a CIA front operation.

I am sure that someone at CNN will say that this is just a complete coincidence. 

Dan Bailey, the guy who just happened to be in a fly fishing store in Montana to verbally attack Tucker Carlson and get in his face, worked for the Asia Foundation, which is a CIA front operation….it was literally founded by the CIA. 

And right after Tucker exposed the NSA for illegally spying on him and releasing his emails and text messages to leftist journalists. And also right after Biden’s NSA Director Paul Nakasone purged Republicans from upper management in the NSA. Becker News has MORE

The CIA is probably still really mad about THIS

….and THIS.

Why most film reviewers blatantly lie to the audience

This is yet another glaring illustration of how corrupt and dishonest the corporate media is.

If a reviewer or a journalist says a bad thing about a movie studio’s product the studio and the distributor can and very often do blacklist said review or journalist. So they have no choice but to tell you that these crappy products are great and that you should go out and see them…..otherwise no free trips, tickets, behinds the scenes interviews, access to the actors etc.

This is why they are called the “Access Media”….behave or no access.

masters of the universe rotten tomatoes

Another example of why polls of “Registered Voters” are meaningless

As we have posted many times, polling is too often used to make news. Most polls are a farce designed to manipulate the public, not reflect public opinion of those who matter, you know like people who actually vote.

Polls of  “registered voters” are useless because of “motor voter” and other legislation almost everyone is registered to vote, but most people don’t.  Polling adultism or registered voters is basically polling anyone who will answer the phone. The people who answer do not want to look like they are idiots, so they repeat to the pollster the BS they heard from CNN or on corporate news somewhere.

[For more details on poll manipulation we have a great piece on it HERE.] 

Polls of those who are likely to vote are very different from the previous polls and this sample from the LA Times shows the great contrast between the two. 

Officer who testified at Democrat “Jan 6th” hearing defended BLM riots, posted Trump hate, lied under oath about Officer Sicknick.

phony officer Dunn jan 6th hearing

More details HERE

More details and video HERE

Antonio Branco has a GREAT cartoon on this show: Branco jan 6-Cap-Riot-Hearing-LA-1080

Former KGB Disinformation Officer: Corporate Media “are a bunch of enfeebled snobs” (video)

This is former KGB disinformation officer Yuri Besmenov. If you have not watched all of his lectures you really should.  Yuri besmonov2

Prager U to start teaching history online with entertaining student content (video)

Prager University to start teaching history online with lessons that are fun and student friendly.  The schools are teaching marxist/communist ideology, not history. So get your kids in front of this. 

Maybe some content like this. I like in the video how they have Thomas Jefferson playing the violin solo….he was a master violinist and an accomplished dancer. 

Tucker Carlson blasts Republicans who do not stand up for medical rights (video)

Some people are allergic to Flu shots of most any kind and would rather wait for full FDA approval instead of the temporary emergency approval these vaccines have now. 

Is that position so unreasonable?