Government Illegally Intercepted and Leaked Tucker Carlson’s Communications.

AS many of our readers already know a government whistleblower approached Fox news host Tucker Carlson with his own emails and text messages and informed him that the NSA is intercepting his communications and sharing them with the Biden Administration who intends to leak them to try and harm Tucker. 

After the NSA’s joke of a non-denial denial a “journalist” hit man at Axios revealed the content of Tuckers emails and text messages saying that they were received from a US Government source. 

Classic non-denial denial. Notice they say “never a target”, no “plans” to remove from the air, and that they legally may not “target” such a person. What they do NOT say is that they are not intercepting his communications. In other words, they are – Famed litigator Robert Barnes.

FBI and other “contractors” do get access to NSA intelligence. A review of NSA surveillance on Americans showed an 85% non compliance rate with “Minimalization Procedures” (the procedures that tell the NSA how to operate legally). This has been going on for years but no one is held accountable so it goes on.

FISC review of NSA spying 85 non compliant

After the spying on the Senate by the CIA, Sharyl Attkisson and Jim Rosen, the spying on the entire Washington Bureau of the AP and the revelations of Ed Snowden is anyone surprised by this? 

HERE is a list of the Blue Chip morons on Twitter who called Tucker a liar shortly before his allegations were confirmed. After conformations the twitterati moved the goal post from “liar” to “you deserved it.”

A Rasmussen Poll shows that most voters believe Tucker and believe the government spies on journalists illegally. 

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