Star Trek Day Fails. SJW’s at CBS Ruined Trek

Star Trek was one of the greatest, most well written and intelligent shows ever, until a new group of marxist social justice warriors (SJW) at CBS were handed the reigns to Star Trek and with the Discovery series it has been a ratings and merchandising disaster.

It is clear that Alex Kurtzman, who was given control of Star Trek at CBS had nothing but contempt for Gene Roddenberry’s vision for Star Trek. Not being a fan of the show and having no reverence for its importance he used the Star Trek intellectual property (IP) to produce SJW propaganda.

The writers of Star Trek Picard have admitted and written on Star Trek dot com that their goal with the Picard TV show was to humiliate Picard and tear him down. Why? Because Picard was a privileged white guy.

On “Star Trek Day” William Shatner, Captain Kirk Himself, was not even invited to participate. In the poster for the event CBS made him the smallest face on the poster.
William Shatner had a problem with that:

Star Trek Day was a last ditch effort by the Alex Kurtzman crowd to generate public and investor interest in his new Commie Trek. As Overlord DVD reports below it did not go well:

[Editor’s Note: While Overlord DVD, the man in the mask below, may at first seem silly and over the top, he delivers industry insider news accurately time and time again. Studios watch his channel to see what leaks out. We suspect that behind the mask he is a “somebody” at a major production studio or otherwise in a position to get insider information.]

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