Chinese/Russian Hackers Target American Biotech Vaccine Research

Here is how the scam works, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spies working at tech companies, at partnering universities, or hackers will steal the intellectual property and then either patent it under their noses or actually go back to who they stole it from and hammer out an agreement to split the royalties from the resulting pharmaceuticals.

Professors and assisting students at key universities have been arrested by the FBI for spying for the CCP.

Daily Mail UK:

The race for the coronavirus vaccine has triggered an intelligence war where spies from China, Russia and Iran target American biotech companies and research universities in a bid to steal data, according to a new report.

American and British intelligence services have tracked efforts from several nations trying to spy on vaccine research as COVID-19 has infected more than 26million across the globe.

Chinese intelligence hackers tried to steal information from the University of North Carolina and other schools focusing on COVID-19 research, because their data protections are less robust than pharmaceutical companies, according to the New York Times.

Russian spies tried to get vaccine data from American universities and agencies in Canada and Britain, according to espionage efforts detected by British electronic surveillance agency G.C.H.Q. monitoring international fiber optic cables.

Iran also drastically amped up action to steal vaccine research and the increased threats forced the US to increase its espionage tracking efforts.

Some of the targeted American biotech companies include Gilead Sciences, Novavax and Moderna.

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