Richard Cooper’s Thoughtful Response to Tomi Lahren’s “Men” Rant

Knee jerk reactions are all to often a boor. Richard Cooper’s reaction is very thoughtful and reveals the degree that toxic femininity can even affect a political conservative such as Tomi Lahren.

This is not a slam against Tomi, we like much of her political work and for the most part we respect the work she has done. What we are not a fan of is the hypocrisy and thoughtfulness that is in her video and Cooper does a very good job of pointing this out in a way that is not a slam and not disrespectful. Cooper is Canadian and is not Democrat or Republican and had not even heard of Tomi until people asked him to comment on her rant.

Just watch these two videos and decide for yourself. Where Tomi goes wrong here is where far too many Western women also go wrong.

Below is Cooper’s follow up video where Tomi admits that her ex-fiancee had everything she says that she wants in a man. Tomi says that he is a “saint” who has great looking and successful etc etc etc and she still dumped him anyway (likely breaking his heart) – Why? There is much to learn here.

UPDATERollo Tomassi, author of “The Rational Male” posted his analysis. It is long and his discussion assumes that you have read his book.

For example, when he talks about how most women find 80% of men to be “unattractive” he is talking about studies, and there are plenty of them, that show that overwhelmingly, most women find 80% of men to be unattractive. This means that almost all women are out to get 20% of guys….and then they wonder why these 20% are reluctant to commit as almost all women are throwing themselves at them.

[Editor’s Note – Eastern European women do not behave this way, nor do most Filipinas, as they have not been affected by marxian toxic feminism.]

Women ask where have all the good men gone? Well the truth is that decent, hard working men who are loyal and will communicate are everywhere, but to most women these men are simply invisible to them, or such men are used by them as a means to an end, “can you help fix my car” or do X or Y for me and once that is done the women ignore these good men until they “need” another favor.

When Rollo Tomassi says that women like Tomi only have their sexuality to bring to the table, he is referring to women who have been infected by toxic femininity. Women who have not been infected and are great at family and loyalty and have truly great ideals towards their man, those women are true gems and bring much more to the table than just sexuality.

huMAN’s response is also very thoughtful:

Jennifer Moleski Responds:

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