The Orwellian Democratic Party in a Single Meme

George Orwell did not just explain the politics of doublespeak and the ability of a political ideologue to have two completely contradictory points of view and the same time and justify it, he also explained the issue of what he called “The Pansy Left” – how politicians would focus on minor or invented problems while pretending that the biggest problems do not exist and/or kicking the can on the real problems down the road.

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Americas 10 Worst Run Cities

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America’s worst run cities vs how many years since they had a Republican mayor:

San Francisco—56
Flint, MI—45
St. Louis—71

Yet Democrats blame *Trump* for the terror in their cities?

Special thanks to Charlie Kirk for doing this homework.

Kamala Harris’ Authoritarian Streak Mega Post

Tulsi Gabbard takes down Kamala Harris’s record as a corrupt prosecutor with a disturbing authoritarian streak.

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