Suspect in Execution of Trump Supporter Identified

He calls himself 100% ANTIFA and says that he is ready for war. He was arrested on July 5th for gun charges and resisting arrest, so of course the Democrat District Attorney dropped the charges.

Michael Forest Reinoehl 2020-08-31 113104
Michael Forest Reinoehl

NY Post:

An ex-military man who calls himself “100% ANTIFA” and ready for “war” is being investigated over the deadly shooting of a President Trump supporter in Portland, according to a report.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, is being investigated over the death of Aaron Danielson, a “supporter” of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group who was part of a caravan of Trump supporters who flooded the city Saturday, police sources told The Oregonian.

He was identified in part by a distinctive tattoo on his neck of a “black power” fist — as well as a call from his estranged sister who recognized him in video and photos of the deadly attack, the paper said.

The 36-year-old sister — whom The Oregonian agreed not to name — was first alerted after a threatening call that woke her at 8 a.m. Sunday warning that “our whole family was in danger unless we turned him over.”

“We reached out to police and confirmed that we recognized Michael in the screenshots” from the shooting, she told the paper.

The father of two is estranged from most of his family — including his parents — after stealing from them, the sister said.

“On the one hand, this whole thing surprises the daylights out of us, because we always thought he is a lot of bark, not a lot of bite,” she said. “But he’s also been very impulsive and irrational.”

“Every Revolution needs people that are willing and ready to fight,” he wrote in June, comparing it to his time in the Army.

“I am 100 % ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters!” he said, insisting he would not “run” from violence.

“It will be a war and like all wars there will be casualties,” he wrote, calling protesters and Antifa “my brothers in arms.”

He also claims to have been hit by a rubber bullet while working “security” at protests, and most recently posted video of a flag being burned by a mob chanting, “F–k Trump.”

Reinoehl was cited at a July 5 protest on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police, The Oregonian said.

He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. No reason was given, and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said it was reviewing the case.

Judge voids 50,000 absentee ballot requests in Iowa

You mean Democrats were breaking the rules……

Associated Press:

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A judge ordered an Iowa county Thursday to invalidate 50,000 requests for absentee ballots, agreeing with President Donald Trump’s campaign that its elections commissioner overstepped his authority by pre-filling them with voters’ personal information.

Judge Ian Thornhill issued a temporary injunction ordering Linn County Auditor Joel Miller to notify voters in writing that the forms should not have been pre-filled with their information and cannot be processed. Instead, they’ll have to either fill out new requests for absentee ballots or vote on Election Day.

The ruling marks an initial victory for Trump’s challenges to absentee voting procedures in three counties in Iowa….

BLM/ANTIFA Execute Trump Supporter in Portland. Democrat Mayor Stands With Violent Mob. – UPDATE – Suspect Identified

Suspect in Execution of Trump Supporter Identified – LINK

The Video:

Leftist rioters Democrats are siding with cheer:

The Perp:

Democrat Mayor Wheeler says it;s President Trump’s fault…:

Mayor Wheeler has doubled down on his support for BLM/ANTIFA:

Former Director of National Intelligence Grenell: New Intelligence Briefings Given to Congress in Writing Because Dems Leak Partial Secrets & Lie About It

Former DNI Richard Grenell points out the big one, the Russia hoax that Democrats and their media allies pushed for three years against Donald Trump.

Democrats like Adam Schiff claim that Intelligence agencies found collusion with Trump and Russia but it was all lies. There was no evidence.