Alyssa Knell walks away from the Democratic Party

Alyssa Knell walk away

I Was A Super Lefty Liberal But Have Now Abandoned The Democratic Party. I Sincerely Regret The Mean Things I Said To Conservatives In The Past.

by Alyssa Knell

I voted Democratic and walked in the Women’s March. I campaigned for a super progressive candidate who is a family member.

I knocked on doors for both him and Bernie Sanders. Things started to change when I started to read and research on my own. Before, I refused to even listen to anyone on the right and demonized them. I came up with all manner of cruel names and petty insults when I responded to them on FB.

Then I realized I had become a tool of progressive propaganda and my good heart was taken advantage of by the left. All the anger and rage I felt was misplaced.
Another factor was that if I disagreed, even just so slightly, with the agenda of the left, I was eviscerated. I finally realized the insanity of the left and I walked away. I also witnessed Antifa’s violence and their demands were ridiculous.

I spoke to the conservatives in my area that the left had demonized. I realized my own stupidity and ignorance, because they were nothing like what the left painted them. I now feel deep remorse for all those I attacked in the past. Never again will I be taken advantage of.

I feel free now and that was not possible when I was identified with the left. Never again.


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