Media flips over Trump’s family involvement in transition, but they forgot about this….

OH! The Hypocrisy!

Via Greg Davis, former DIA:

Quite a bit of hoopla over Trump’s wanting his family members to have clearance for access to him in the White House.

The Media/Dems have made an issue of this claiming Trump is trying to get his family Top Secret security clearances, which is a misrepresentation of the facts — as usual.

It’s not as if Trump wanted to have his maid to have access to Top Secret – Codeword Intelligence information — as did Hillary [oh wait, Hillary just granted her Philippine maid full access to all that silly classified stuff on her server, and had her print it out so she could provide hard copies to her friends and staff — NONE of whom were cleared.

Yet, the Media/Dems/Press not ONCE, repeat NOT ONCE!, chose to report on Hillary’s mishandling of her security access.

But, let’s look at other Presidents who brought in family members to act as advisors.

Dwight Eisenhower
brought his brother Milton in to the White House to advise him on foreign affairs and domestic economic issues. That worked quite well and Milton, who headed up a variety of universities — to include Johns Hopkins, was well respected internationally as one of the finest minds in academia, and business.

John F. Kennedy
brought in his brother, Robert [aka: Bobby] as both a personal advisor and later as Attorney General. Bobby busted up the Mafia and eliminated the corruption on Wall Street and pursued organized crime like no other Attorney General, before or since.

Jimmy Carter
Brought his brother Billy into the White House, but Billy ran afoul of the law and the Press, which outed him as both a buffoon and a huckster. That didn’t end well.

Bill Clinton
Gave his wife, Hillary, access to highly classified material, to include the classified personnel files on Members of Congress and the Senate — which she then reportedly “lost” but which the Secret Service found in her bedroom.

Woodrow Wilson
Notable for being the most racist President in US history, authorized his wife full access to all classified material; she became the intermediary to Wilson’s Cabinet during his extended illness, and effectively became the de facto President.

Bottom line here folks is that, if Trump wants to bring a relative whom he trusts in to advise him on strategy and specific issues, that’s fine with me. However, Congress has passed legislation preventing the President from appointing a relative to the Cabinet.

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