Survey Shows Trump Voters Have More Political Knowledge

Daily Wire:

A new survey provides evidence that supporters of Donald Trump tend to be more knowledgeable than Hillary Clinton supporters.

The survey, conducted by Conquest Communications Group and published by Just Facts, asked respondents 23 questions regarding education, taxes, spending, national debt, global warming, pollution, energy, hunger, Social Security and health care. Overall, the success rate for Trump supporters in correctly answering the questions was 43 percent, compared to only 31 percent for Clinton supporters.

Just Facts:

In total, the rates at which voters gave the correct answers varied from a high of 43% for Trump voters to a low of 31% for Clinton voters:

  • 43% for Trump voters.
  • 37% for 35 to 64 year olds.
  • 37% for males.
  • 35% for undecided voters.
  • 34% for females.
  • 34% for 65+ year olds.
  • 31% for Clinton voters.

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